Francesca Geens and the HappySelf Journal

February 22, 2019

Today on the blog I’m delighted to feature Francesca Geens, founder of the HappySelf Journal for children. She is so passionate about giving kids the opportunity to explore and support their mental wellbeing as early in life as possible. My daughter, Cora, has always been curious about my writing and so I invested in a HappySelf Journal to help us talk about her day and her thoughts and feelings. It’s been a great tool for us as a family and so I invited Francesca to share some of her wisdom and thoughts behind the product for #thebigselfcareshare!

Francesca Geens on journaling & happiness

Tell us about your business

I founded the HappySelf Journal as a way to bring the science of happiness and growth mindset principles to children in the format of a beautifully illustrated daily journal. I believe it’s really important for children to develop the positive skills they need to support their own happiness. Through just a few minutes of filling out their journal children are able to reflect on their day, develop their emotional intelligence, boost positive thinking and develop positive habits. Parents and teachers are reporting better sleep, improved behaviour and emotional skills and less anxious children. The journal brings together so many things that matter to me and nothing makes me happier than having a positive impact on children’s lives.

HappySelf Journal for children

What does self-care mean for you?

For me it’s all about having time to myself whether it is to take piano lessons, spend time in the morning with the Headspace app and my journal, going for a walk or doing an exercise class or to treat myself to a massage or facial. Self-care is precious time out from the usual routines of work and family to recharge and make sure I can be my best self.

Self-care is precious time out from the usual routines of work and family to recharge and make sure I can be my best self.

What do you find most challenging about self-care?

Time is always the challenge. There is always something else that needs doing so it is hard to stop and take time out. However, my productivity is always boosted when I do so I know it’s worth doing even when it feels counter-intuitive!

How do you create time?

I book it into my diary in advance so that other commitments build around self-care. It goes into the calendar first each month – regular classes, lessons, appointments, morning routine, anything like that so work and client calls aren’t accidentally booked in at the same time.

Share a self-care tip, something that’s helped you on your path to being kinder to yourself.

I love reading The Daily Stoic and accompanying journal. I read this as part of my morning routine straight after doing 10 minutes of Headspace. The combination of Stoicism and Meditation has done wonders for my anxiety levels and ability to be clear as to what I can and cannot control and how to focus on the here and now. Getting my day off to a good start is for me the best way to feel grounded and ready to take on the day with clarity and purpose.

Thanks so much for your contribution, Francesca. You can find out more about the HappySelf Journal and follow them on social media at:


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